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  • Get a grip

  •   When you start working with video, it’s important you can handle the challenge of ...

  • Keep it clean

  • The tiniest amount of wind will play havoc with your audio track, but there are ways to co...

  • Finish the job

  • One of the issues for any photographer thinking about setting up a video service is the ti...

  • Tripods for video shooting

  • When you move into DSLR video production you need to have a dedicated tripod that offers a...

  • Lighting for DSLR video

  • Just because you’re shooting video, it doesn’t mean that light and lighting should be ...

  • Editing your video production

  • Shooting your video footage using a DSLR is only half the story and, as Tim McCann explain...

  • Using external audio recorders

  • Don't rely on your DSLR’s on-board sound. Its mic pre-amps are not great quality and, mo...

Magazine Features

Pitch a promo concept and win

Get your break in the music video business by pitching an idea for Hollie Stephenson's new music video.

Say hello to your clients

With websites becoming ever more video friendly and download speeds on the increase, it’s time to think about creating a film to introduce you and your business to prospective clients. 

Freeze Frame

Scott Gilmour is one of the coolest filmmakers on the planet, not least because he’s often to be found working in challenging sub-zero conditions. We caught up to find out more about his adventure lifestyle


The latest issue

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Welcome to Pro Moviemaker – the ultimate magazine for next generation filmmakers.

As the only dedicated worldwide resource for aspiring and professional videographers, we provide relevant and targeted editorial from some of the most respected writers and professionals in the industry. Each quarterly issue includes news, gear and technique features, alongside case studies from working videographers. Covering HDSLR, compact cinema and compact system cameras, Pro Moviemaker is the must-have publication for next generation filmmakers, read on to find out what's in the latest issue.

In this months issue of Pro Moviemaker magazine

It’s early in the new year and already there’s a major show on the horizon, in the shape of BVE. If you’re a photographer with even the remotest interest in what’s going on over the filmmaking side of the fence you have to find the time to get to this show, while for those who are already serious filmmakers it’s a no-brainer, and the proliferation of free information-packed presentations at the many theatres dotted around the ExCel Centre represent the icing on the cake. Don’t miss our BVE preview in this latest issue!

Elsewhere in this bumper issue of Pro Moviemaker you’ll find some fascinating profiles, my favourite of which is the one on Alister Chapman, who specialises in filming tornados. I’ve now learned that you just have to get ahead of the storm and then sit and wait for it to come to you: awesome! We’re also looking at the exploding drone market and finding out more about the rules and regulations that the pro has to be aware of, while on the business front the MintySlippers wedding video specialists are telling us how they have launched a sibling company to widen their appeal.

We’re also testing out some killer new kit, including the tantalising Blackmagic URSA, plus we’ve got our usual expert lighting, audio and software features. Pick up your copy free with Photo Professional magazine on the UK newsstand, at selected US stores or on the Apple and Android app stores.